RegCOPA Registry Editor - What's New in V3.01

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Ability to perform multiple searches simultaneously. Each search will get it's own results tab, allowing multiple search results to be referenced easily.

Registry items can now be deleted directly from the search results screen.

Search result can be multiply selected in order to delete multiple items.

Added ability to re-run a search with the same parameters as the original search.

Added items to keys context menu to jump to same entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Added ability to drag values to new key.  Copy supported with CTRL key held.

Major update to startup manager.  Items now separated with tree access.

Ability to open file properties from startup manager

Ability to lookup startup process in the online

Ability to add new startup processes

Ability to move/copy keys with drag drop.  Shift key must be pressed to move a key for safety.

Added Registry Defragment Tool.

Added registry backup and restore tool.

Added ability to open, read and reset protection on protected keys. Protected keys will display in gray.

RegCOPA Registry Editor

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